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downsizing your property


Downsizing your property for divorce

Downsizing your property after a divorce can be a good way to save money by living in a smaller more...

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arrange a mortgage in principle

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Buying Your First Home: How To Arrange A Mortgage In Principle

Buying a house, especially your first home is a big and exciting step. While it’s something to look forward to...

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independent mortgage advice in chorley lancashire

Blog, Landlord News

Landlords braced for stamp duty increases

Landlords are awaiting the results of a government-led consultation to address the issue of affordable housing in the UK, which...

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tenancy deposit protection


How safe is tenancy deposit protection?

Since 2007 whenever you rent a property on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, the deposit you pay to your landlord has...

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improve your epc rating

Blog, Redrose Round Up

How to improve your EPC rating

In today’s tough housing market, a good Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is another factor that can influence a potential buyer’s...

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how to pack when you're moving house

Blog, Redrose Round Up

How to pack when you’re moving house

Getting ready to move house is always stressful and packing can be an absolute nightmare if you aren’t organised. What...

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should I buy or rent in the north west

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Is it time for FTBs to buy or rent in the North West?

With housing data that suggests house prices are rising, and equally worrying data showing rents are increasing too, it can...

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