Date posted: 04/10/2018

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Author: Dave Dyer

How to make sure a property sale doesn’t fall through

make sure a property sale doesn't fall through- selling your home

Moving to a new house is an exciting time – an opportunity to start afresh and embark on a new chapter in life. Still, what happens when you are unable to pick up the keys to your ideal property? How do you make sure a property sale doesn’t fall through?

If you have a place to sell, being part of a chain can sometimes feel like a perilous tightrope that demands negotiation of not only your own path but staying alert to the people ahead of you and behind you too. In other words, it’s not fun.

With an estimated three in ten of all house sales falling through what can be done to minimise the risk of your dreams crashing down at the last minute?

Think before accepting an offer

When it comes to accepting an offer on a property, a knowledgeable and experienced estate agent is the best source of advice. Think carefully and talk strategy with your agent. Is the offer a good one in their opinion?

Consider the individual circumstances of a potential buyer, alongside the amount they are prepared to pay. If an offer is slightly lower than the asking price but ultimately more likely to lead to completion and with no heartbreak along the way, we know which we think is the best option.

Maintain good communication

Sometimes buyers will want to pore over the fine print and iron out the smallest of details before committing to what will be the biggest purchase of their lives. That’s understandable. However, there are occasions when communications between parties can break down over fairly minor reasons, resulting in stress and potentially either buyer or seller deciding to pull the plug.

A skilled estate agent will be able to act as a mediator, taking the headache out of difficult negotiations and keeping both sides on the same page.

Don’t be afraid to speak up

Sometimes you’ll have a question or need to check on the progress of a house sale. Never be afraid to speak up. If you have any concerns, then it’s best to voice these earlier in the process rather than the day before you are due to exchange contracts.

It is also a good idea to choose a solicitor who is happy to answer when you call, who is proactively working on your behalf, and who gives you regular updates for peace of mind and reassurance.

Remember that if you use our estate agency, we are happy to recommend a good local solicitor who combines value for money with excellent customer service.

Choose carefully

Not all estate agents are the same. When it comes to making sure a property sale doesn’t fall through, a good agent won’t leave you with the feeling that you’re having to chase or is a barrier to the flow of good communication between seller and buyer.

A good estate agent will also ensure that all viewers are vetted, with the means to support an offer and the commitment to see it through to completion. What’s more, if the worst was to happen and a house sale does fall through, having an experienced agent to handle the fallout will prove invaluable. Plus, you’ll be in a good position to get your property back on the market as soon as possible.

If you would like to speak to us about a free market appraisal, call our selling team on 01257 547061.


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