Date posted: 19/05/2016

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Author: Dave Dyer

Chorley landlords need to know about new energy efficiency regulations

energy efficiency regulations

Landlords across Chorley need to be aware of new energy efficiency regulations designed to make properties across the region more energy efficient.

Because of measures that came into force in April, tenants living in private rented homes have the right to request improvements.
These can include insulation or other energy efficiency measures. Under the new rules, a landlord cannot reasonably refuse. At the moment, the upfront costs of installation may be met by tenants or through an energy efficiency scheme, unless the landlord agrees to make a financial contribution.

What is an EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) gives properties an energy efficiency rating from A, most efficient, to G, least efficient. It is valid for 10 years but is required every time a home is built, sold or rented.
You can discover more about EPC ratings and the sort of information the certificate provides here.

Countdown to 2018

From April 2018, properties which fail to make at least an EPC E rating can no longer be let out to tenants.
Although this legislation could be seen to be another drain on the private rented sector, there are advantages to making sure your property is as energy efficient as it can be:

  • Insulation can protect against damp. Therefore this can ensure the structural integrity of your property
  • A warm home means increased comfort and lower bills for your tenants
  • Better energy efficiency may mean increased rental value

What financial help is available?

Financial support through schemes such as the Green Deal are no longer available. However, energy companies must still make sure their customers have access to energy efficiency measures.
The Energy Company Obligation is provided by larger suppliers. It is a Government backed scheme aimed at occupiers and landlords. For more information, contact your energy supplier directly or click here.

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